Sunday, March 22, 2009

Commander Connect Info

Hi All,

Here is some information for you regarding your Commander Connect telephone system. We all know it can be difficult to do the simple changes on any phone system, here are some basic changes you may need to perform.

Change Date and Time for Daylight Savings for Commander Connect

Another problem is finding an original user guide for your Commander Connect Handset.

Commander Connect Standard Handset User Guide

Commander Connect Executive Handset User Guide

Let me know if there are any more questions you may have regarding this phone system.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Samsung DX/DCS/Officeserv/Compact extension name change

Hi All,

Here is a quick one for you.

How do you change a user's name on a samsung handset LCD Display?

This is the same for all the follwoing systems:

Samsung DX/DCS 408
Samsung DX/DCS 2/16-6/16-8/16
Samsung DCS 70 / 500
Samsung iDCS 100
Samsung Officeserv 12/100/500/7030/7100/7200/7400

At the users handset please do the following:

Leaving the handset on the telephone or "On Hook"
Press Transfer 104 on the keaypad
Now it will show your extension and current name or a blank line on the bottom row of the LCD Display.

You can enter your required name just as you would type a txt message. i.e. press the 1 button 3 times to arrive at the letter C.

To make a space press the up arrow volume key

To delete a letter place the cursor on the letter and press the 1 key once.

To move along the LCD display press the arrow up or arrow down volume controls

Once you are happy press the transfer key again and that's it your done!

Here is a link to the Samsung Handset User Guide



Friday, March 20, 2009


Hi All,

Aaron here, i work for a communications company based here in Melbourne Australia, i have decided to create a blog to help answer questions any of you may have regarding your day to day running of your Company PABX or Phone system. Our company maintains and sells many different forms of communication equipment. Our core business is PABX Phone Systems, we support pretty much every brand available in Australia. We also sell both new and used telephone handsets, here are just a few.

LG Aria

and of course the old favourite


I will be updating some information weekly regarding how to change some of the basic settings for your Pabx telephone system, including how to change date and time on selected brands, how to change speed dials etc.

I hope you all find this to be interesting, and any other technicians out there please feel free to also post either information or questions regarding any brands of choice.